Star Wars: Legacy #33

  Star Wars: Legacy #33 ( Dark Horse / Ostrander / Francia / Anderson )

“With the objective of exterminating the entire Mon Calamari species, the Sith have created a semisentient bioweapon, a creature that can kill selectively.
This Sith leviathan has already been unleashed on one underwater Mon Cal refugee camp, and it now swims the waters of Dac searching for more victims. The Mon Cal Rangers, with the help of Imperial Knight Treis Sinde, must find a way to destroy the leviathan before it clears the remaining Mon Calamarians from the galaxy forever!”

I would like to say that this issue was a great cap on a two issue arc.  I would like to say that this was an addition to the Legacy book that you could give to a friend to get them hooked.  I would like to say those things, but I can’t.  The honest answer is this was just an average issue.  There were no “holy crap” moments that made me salivate for the next page.  The art and writing  isn’t terrible.  It’s just not at the level it was at three issues ago. 

This is an issue with the Star Wars comics right now. There are only two titles left, and neither are ringing my bell right now.  Both Knight of the Old Republic and Legacy finished their huge on-going story arcs, and have now decended into mediocroty.  Lets hope they hit a groove again.

Grade: C

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Updated: February 26, 2009 — 8:24 pm

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