The Pullbox Awards 2008

Well, the end of the year will shortly be upon us and it’s time to take a look at the year in review… it’s time for The Pullbox Awards 2008! or “The Pulleys” 🙂

The winners will be announced the week of January 5th. Please either comment below with your votes or e-mail them to or

Click below to check out the categories!

Best Event – The geeksphere is filled with huge cross-over events, they make be big or small, they may have been two titles or a whole publishing company’s catalog, they may a few issues or six months long. Which cross-over event / story arc was your fav? note: a single title with an arc that ran four issue or more may count here.

Best Fleecing / Worst Event – Same as above, except which event / story arc was the biggest disappointment?

Best Marvel Book – Either ongoing or limited – What was the best out of the House of Ideas in 2008?

Best DC Book – Either ongoing or limited – What was the best out of the Original Universe in 2008?

Best Independent Book – Either ongoing or limited – What was the best of the indies?

Best Single Issue – If there one single issue out of 2008 that you would give to your non-comic friends to try to convert them, which one would it have been?

Best Non-Superhero Book – What was the best book out there not involving costumed heroes?

Best Non-Comic Franchise Comic – There are many series / books out there involving characters that originated in film, TV, books… Which one best hit the mark of the original?

Best Captain Without A Ship – Which creator (writer or artist) who was not attached to a regular book should have been? If you want, think outside the cover slip here, this creator may not have had to have a book before.

Best Newbie – Who was the breakout creator talent of 2008? It’s ok if they were doing their thing before 2008, but it was this last year that they really got the spotlight.

Best Protagonist – Who was your main man or woman?

Best Nemesis – Which bad guy was the most fun to cheer for?

The Pullbox crew hopes to here from your soon!

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