Flash Gordon #3

Flash Gordon #3 (Ardden – Deneen / Green)

While Flash Gordon and the mysterious Arborian ranger Eldun face off against the terrifying Lion Men and their leader, Prince Thun, Dale Arden finds herself more and more involved in Ming’s plans to unify Mongo. Meanwhile, Dr. Zarkov wakes up the captive of a sadistic group of winged warriors! Ships with 2 covers in 50/50 ratio – Flash Vs. Lion Men and Zarkov Captive.

Brendan Deneen and Paul Green make an excellent creative team in this modern day Pulp story. As Flash, Dale and Zarkov move deeper into the trenches of Ming’s plot, the reader gets a better and better view of the kingdoms of Mongo.

Deneen shapes the characters into strong heroic archetypes and then follows through with against-all-odds protagonists and situations. The art by Green is incredible and from what I can tell any art book of his would be worth whatever price tag is on it. The straight shot on this series is that this reinterpretation of the classic character, while sometimes almost over the top, is a blast to read and beautiful to look at.

Issue Grade: A-

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Updated: May 11, 2010 — 9:39 am

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