Scarlet Veronica #2

Scarlet Veronica #2 (Ape – Moody / Shaw / Ruggles / Barry / Greathouse)

Issue #2 – Chopping Mall!

The trio who got writing credits for this issue (Robert Barry, Joe Shaw and Jason Moody) has taken Veronica up a notch from the first issue. Perhaps the first issue just suffered from “origin issue” syndrome or these guys were just able to refine the presentation of their ideas here.  Or perhaps a combination of both, doesn’t really matter the reason, but Scarlet Veronica (website) has moved from having great potential to being a great book!

We see Veronica taking on a demonic Santa Claus, a werewolf-ish henchmen and then some other bad guys straight from Hell. All done in a great flowing and sexy animation style. Jason Moody is “dead on” in his mixture of cartoon action and sexy goth.

The combination of writing that is both catty and intelligent and solid art makes this second issue makes this horror comedy project worthy of being compared to “Army of Darkness”.

Can’t wait for the whole series to come out! Well worth your time and money!

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:16 pm

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