Room for rent at the “House of Ideas”

So, what was buzzing this week in the comic shops? Well, nothing good about Marvel!

I’m not sure if there was a specific moment or item that has turned the tide, but many fanboys and fangirls are just not buying what Joe is selling over at “Your Universe”. First, we have literally a few years of big events that are swept under the table or turned into something incredibly goofy that sucks… World War Hulk into Red Hulk (You will be hearing more from Greg on that later). You had the House of M which had no lasting impact. Then there is Civil War, that while that arc has had some cool moments afterward like Thor talking to Steve Roger’s spirit, it was pretty much eclipsed by Secret Invasion. And now Secret Invasion literally runs right into Dark Reign.

Big event, alternate covers, big event, guest artists, big events, multiple covers, big event… is this 1995?

Now, if we excuse all of these mega-money makers and fan-fleecers for Marvel, and lets just focus on the supposed “House of Ideas” that seem like nothing more than a continuing string of one-trick ponies and copy-cat ideas.

Let’s make major characters women, that will work better than having good stories, right?

Hey, DC is doing this big event where the bad guys win, hey that sounds like a good idea… and we can have it cross over into 36 different issues and one-shots over the next 3 months, fans will love it!

Hey, you know what else I got from the DC website, they are doing a whole bunch of “villain-only” covers, boy that sounds awesome too…

Hey, let’s bring some of those characters that didn’t survive the 90’s back… like Darkhawk! 🙁

I don’t know, almost my entire geek existence I have said “Make Mine Marvel”, but nowadays, who knows? Marvel does have some gems and some of the “Young Guns” are tomorrow’s legends! Dan Slott’s The Initiative is one of the best books of last year and Old Man Logan is living up to the hype, but those are the exceptions, not the rule from Marvel. With the talent of the artists and writers out there, we are literally in the “platinum” age of comics. Marvel can do better than what we are getting.

If I can quote Neil Oliver, independent comic shop owner, “Simply put, The House of Ideas is vacant and now renting!”

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:16 pm

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