Fantastic Four #561

Fantastic Four #561 (Marvel – Millar / Hitch / Mounts)

“The Death of the Invisible Woman” concludes, with…well, the death of the Invisible Woman!

Once again, sorry for the delay of this review…

Millar’s Fantastic Four (along with his Old Man Logan story) are a few of the exceptions of the present decline of ideas at Marvel. This was beautifully told, had a brilliant pacing and brought the reader exactly what it promised… the death of Invisible Woman.

It’s true! Not a hoax or divergent time line (well – kinda). Anyone following this arc can kind of guess what happened… but still, it wasn’t obvious in the beginning and Mark Millar has laid the groundwork for a volume of new stories without being self-indulgent or slapping the reader in the face with his ideas (Yes, Secret Invasion / Dark Reign, I’m looking right at you!).

With a whole Nu-Earth filled with alternate future time line refugees (perhaps tying directly into the Old Man Logan story) what Millar is done is given Marvel another playground, hopefully for fresh new ideas and new directions.

Great riveting writing, incredible art and classic Ben Grimm moments adds up to this being a great time to be a FF fan!  Whne this gets compiled into a trade, it will be one to get!

Grade: A

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:16 pm

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