War Heroes. More Of A Crime Thriller, But Good A Mix

War Heroes ( Image – Mark Millar/ Tony Harris)

This book is sound all around. Might be where Mark Millar was putting his effort instead of into Marvel: 1985. Military finds away to give soldiers super-powers with a special pill. Captain America on an assembly line.

Tony Harris is Tony Harris. Flawless storytelling, great line work. This isn’t his best stuff, but even that is heads and tails above yer average artist. Again the simplicity of the art is misleading. I think the more simple the art, the better the artist. The better eye they for the necessary details. That is Tony Harris to a T. Graphic story telling is clear, characters are easy to distinguish, no confusion. Colors a bit dark.

Typical of stuff I now tend to like, all the Characters, while not all likable, are engaging. The nefarious criminal subplot a decidedly non-clichéd and pleasant surprise. And again, potential character flaw driven tragedy ahead, the way good stories should be.

Its release dates are a bit irregular.

Overall A-, Y’all should like it.

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Updated: November 11, 2008 — 2:33 pm

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