Leviticus Cross #1

Leviticus Cross ( Hays / Torres / Sevilla / Perez )

Prehistoric Earth is an unforgiving land from which every present day legend, story, religion, and myth has its roots. The city-kingdom of Leviticus Cross is an ancient, human society where disease, filth, and deviation from the norm are heavily disdained and punishable by expatriation– or worse. In the shadows of the kingdom lurks a corruption and unspeakable horror, the likes of which no human can survive. However, the blood of this world’s half-god progenitors has endowed a few otherwise normal men and women with superhuman abilities and the power to deal with these threats.

Leviticus Cross is a superhero adventure where superhumans struggle to hide their abilities and fit into society. Yet they must use these abilities if they are to stop the corruption and danger that plagues the land. There is drama, action, and humor as each of them struggles to make their way in the world.

Rumor is that centuries ago the only threat to the empire were the ferocious dinosaurs that occasionally ravaged small villages and ferryboats. That is, until strange creatures from the dark lands of the north began migrating into human territories. The Emperor sent countless battalions to control the situation, but the random and scattered nature of the attacks rendered traditional military tactics ineffective. As the attacks grew in frequency and ferocity, unrest grew among the citizens in the northern fiefdoms. With military forces hopelessly focused on the creatures from the dark lands, there was no one to protect the people from the wilderness beasts or this new threat. Their way of life compromised, and their day-to-day functions irreparably altered, famine and poverty took hold. Despite the risk of discovery, there were those who could no longer bear the threats that faced their people. These heroes assumed secret identities to push the cause of order and prosperity.

Here is the newest thing to come from Sean Hays. It’s a manga style sword and sorcery adventure where the progeny of the gods are in battle for the city-kingdom of Leviticus Cross. Overall, I enjoyed this opening issue. Mr. Hays does try to push a whole lot of story into the first issue, but after doing a bit of searching I found that the website ( www.leviticuscross.com ) is very helpful in discerning what what happening.

The art was very enjoyable if you into the manga style of comics. As an old school Ben Dunn fan, I was right at home.

Grade: B

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Updated: October 6, 2008 — 3:41 pm

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