Beyond Wonderland #2

Beyond Wonderland #2 (Zenescope – Grgeory / Leister / Ruffino)

Calie Liddle is still trying to adjust to her new life in the big city. But her new job and new friends hang by a perilous thread. Something is closing in around her and she is more alone in a city of millions than she ever expected, being watched by all-too familiar eyes.

This issue was more about atmosphere and environment then it was about the actual story.  Raven Gregory (the one and only :)) continues telling Calie’s story as she tries to run from her dark destiny.  Unfortunately for her, the legacy of Wonderland which runs in her bloodline, is not about to give it up.  Brandon the boyfriend is skinned, Melody the altruistic roommate is ripped apart… Calie know she can’t run anymore!

Gregory’s writing is good, with great details to add the shiver factor, but not really enough to help me feel like this was a whole issue’s worth of story.  On the absolute plus side though, the glorious art combo of Dan Leister and Nei Ruffino make this series worth getting all by itself.  Panels that can be sexy, freaky-scary and beautiful all at the same time is something that doesn’t come along too often.

It looks like future issues will be dealing with the colliding of Wonderland and Manhattan.

Issue Grade: B+

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Updated: October 18, 2008 — 2:26 pm

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