Green Lantern Corps #28

Green Lantern Corps #28 ( DC / Tomasi / Ross / Laguna )

“As Kyle and Guy deal with personal issues on Oa, several Lanterns search for whoever’s been gruesomely removing the eyes of their relatives. Meanwhile, the Guardian known as Scar summons Lantern Saarek for a mission that will lead directly into The Blackest Night.”

Part of the reason cop shows like Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, and CSI work so well is because they have great characters. Green Lantern Corps is no different. Not only are we getting great cases for the GLC to work, but the personal lives of the Corps members compelling and leave the reader just as impressed with their stories as well as the action.

With this issue we see some intregue with the Guardians and some GLs, hidden agends of Sinestro Corps members, and forthcoming drama with Guy and Kyle. All very cool things coming down the pipe.

Grade: B

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Updated: September 17, 2008 — 4:41 pm

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