Fantastic Four #559

Fantastic Four #559 (Marvel – Millar / Hitch / Currie)

You should have remembered the old adage, Johnny: love the woman, love her family. And when the woman is the super-villain called Psionics, that raises the stakes to a whole other level. Now it’s the morning after, and Lightwave, Natalie X, Alex U-16, Doc Banner and the Burning Man expect you to live up to your responsibilities. It’s the Human Torch’s worst break-up ever—or will it be a shotgun wedding? Plus: where in the world is Doctor Doom?

Hey Johnny, you should have taken the blue pill!  Mark Millar’s tale of Marvel’s first family just gets more and more twisted.  Ben is out on a double date with an elementary teacher and loving the spotlight.  Sue and Alyssa are having dinner together (hiss – hiss – possible catfight… guess who I would put my money on?)

As it turns out Alyssa is there to ask for Sue’s help because the Second Earth Initiative is only going to be  used only for the rich and powerful while the unwashed masses get to die with the Earth when it goes (according to these scientists the time line is thirty years).  Wait Alyssa, do you mean that not all wealthy and powerful individuals aren’t completely altruistic?  It would seem to me it might have taken you less time to figure that one out?  Reed is spending his time trying to figure out how to the stop the Earth from perishing and who or what could have kidnapped Dr. Doom and spank the FF so quickly in battle (last few issues).  Johnny’s most recent fling has gone way off the deep end and her “family” bring Johnny in for some answers and possibly something else.

Millar and Hitch do a great job of having a mixed bag of events to the story and spending just the right amount of time on each story arc.  They pack a ton into one issue, it’s phenomenal and quite a oasis from some other major books out there.  The art and layout of the books are still rocking with Ultimate artist Bryan Hitch at the helm.

All this and a major cliffhanger… what kind of power does it take to harness the Devourer of Worlds?

The only thing a fanboy might wonder is how this fits in with Secret Invasion continuity?

Issue Grade: A

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