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Marvel: Secret Invasion

THE INVASION IS NOW! Embrace Change! This is the ONLY panel you can come to and directly from the man who’s been building this event for five years—Brian Michael Bendis—as he discusses his plans for the No. 1 event of 2008, what secrets already lay hidden in your back issues, and how it will impact the Universe for years to come!

Saturday’s Secret Invasion panel began with Brian Michael Bendis taking time to remember Michael Turner by reading a statement prepared by Joe Quesada as images of Turner’s work as Aspen rolled on the screens. Following the tribute, moderator Jim McCann took over to introduce the members of the Secret Invasion panel, comprised of C.B. Cebulski, Tom Brevoort, Brian Reed, the ever comical Bill Rosemann, Ivan Brandon, and of course Brian Michael Bendis.

There were many highlights from the panel’s presentation:

  • A two page preview from Secret Invasion #4 showed a lot of action
  • Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors were pictured, the team should have a book out in January co-plotted by Bendis and Jonathan Hickman
  • Mighty Avengers #18 will depict Fury training his Secret Warriors
  • Bendis and Alex Maleev are doing a One Shot due out first quarter of 2009 jokingly referred to as “The Illumi-naughty.” The preview of the cover depicted Loki, Namor, Dr. Doom, Emma Frost, The Hood, and one unknown character
  • Brian Reed will be working on Secret Invasion Frontline
  • Bill Rosemann will address the question as to the whereabouts of Black Bolt in a book depicting Medusa searching for her husband
  • Ivan Brandon briefly discussed Secret Invasion Home Invasion

The Q&A session comprised most of the panel and gave us some more highlights

  • Bendis decided that after Civil War and World War Hulk that the time was finally right to run Secret Invasion
  • A fan asked if Secret Invasion would be like crossovers in the past and be used as a way to bring the Marvel Universe back full circle. Bendis replied crossovers create new stories, characters, and possibilities at Marvel, not pushing the reset button.
  • Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch will share a story line, with details as to why she spared his life after the events of Avengers Disassembled and House of M.
  • Scarlet Witch won’t be seen for a while.
  • By Secret Invasion #8, we will know everyone who is a Skrull, as well as when the switch was made.
  • Dr. Strange has been off trying to reconnect with magic after his hands were injured recently.
  • Skrull Kill Krew will return in Initiative #16.
  • We will soon see the ceremonies performed by the Skrulls that they use to take on more attributes from those they impersonate.
  • Captain Marvell was the step between the old Skrulls and the new Skrulls who are currently undetectable.
  • One More Day will have repercussions in Secret Invasion.
  • Hulk will have no role in Secret Invasion.

This panel was a lot of fun and gave us some information we didn’t know. The crew really drove home that Secret Invasion will be wrapped up pretty nicely by the end of the mini.

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