The Bear Stories Vol 1

The Bear Stories Vol. 1 (DMF – Tordorovski / Haztopoulos / Vriends)

For fans of Adult Swim, this comic is right up your alley. The Bear Stories is about a rude, crude bear living in the city. He can say and do anything he wants because – well, he’s a cute cartoon bear! But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get into trouble. Already a cult classic, The Bear Stories hits you hard in the gut with a sweet punch of laughter. That blood you spit up afterwards? Trust me, that’s not blood- It’s the giggles.

It saddens me that DMF, publishers of incredible books like Silent Leaves and Crozonia is also publishing a waste of time like The Bear Stories. What the creators tried to do here is create a synthesis of wit, shock and edgy humor in the likeness of Adult Swim, Family Guy or even South Park. Flat out – they failed!

Grade: Big F

Despite the tongue and googly eyes, this is the opposite of a kid’s book. And not worth your time at all. Click below to keep reading – Pullbox Warning: I cover the content below and is not family-friendly is any context.

Like I said, the creators tried to do something witty and edgy, what they succeeded in doing is making a book about a sexually crazed Barney-like bear who thinks about breasts all the time, sees every woman as a prostitute and sexually-assaults almost everyone he runs into. While the Bear tries to emulate the Family Guy clan with pushing the ticket, what this book fails to do is think about the gag. There’s no giggle at all… just dumb over-sexed raunch. The writing is straight out horrible. The follow up story about the flea market genie was clean but equally dumb!

I picked up a review copy at WWC, I read it, reviewed it and now I’m throwing it away… it’s that rotten! At $9.99 it’s your worse case scenario for purchasing.

in case you missed it… Grade: F

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Updated: July 30, 2008 — 8:42 pm

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