Secret Invasion #4

Secret Invasion #4 ( Marvel / Bendis / Yu / Morales / Martin )

“The world has turned upside down! The Skrulls have taken the Earth as part of their empire, the Avengers and Initiative are scattered…but there are two people who want some answers. One has a hammer and one has a shield. “

First off, don’t get too excited. The hammer and sheild don’t make an appearance until the last page of the book. Plus I personally won’t get too excited unless Superman flies around the Marvel Earth in reverse and brings back Steve Rogers. I know it’s an old argument, but I honestly haven’t read a Captain America story in over a two years.

Should you be excited about this issue overall? Not really, there is very little that happens in this issue. Here’s the rundown:

* Reed Richards is being experimented on while on-board a Skrull ship.

* Nick Fury along with Quake, Phobos, Yo Yo, Druid, Hellfire, and Stonewall (WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE??) are fighting in NYC and doing well.

* Black Widow breaks up the Stark brainwashing by Spider-Woman.

* Skrull Leader Jarvis is demanding the surrender of S.H.E.I.L.D

* The Hood is calling for all the villains to fight along side the heroes “No more Earth is bad for business”

* Finally, Thor takes out some Skrulls and Bucky looks through some binoculars.

Again, not an issue that pushes the story very far. This is the modus operandi for Marvel, they spend 6 issues taking little steps and then then two issues making giant leaps that land with a disappointing ending. Look like more of the same from the House of Ideas.

Grade: C-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:13 pm

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