WWC: DC Nation Panel

On Friday, I went to the DC Nation Panel, always a blast!

The call goes out once more! Join Dan DiDio, Senior VP/Executive Editor DCU, Jann Jones, Senior Coordinating Editor DCU, Ian Sattler, Senior Story Editor DCU, and others to catch a glimpse of what will be the most talked about events of the summer!

And remember as Dan says (tongue in cheek) at the beginning of every DC Nation gathering, the only rule is what is said in the room stays in the room 🙂 Most of the Panel was inspired from Open Q&A from the fans. And some of what is said could be considered “off the cuff”. Other members of the panel were: Geoff Johns, Gail SImone, Ethan Van Scriver, Art Baltazar, Franco Aureliani, Sean McKeever, Bob Wayne and Tony Daniel


  • The panel started with a “who is your favorite Flash” yell out. Wally West did not get the support Dan was looking for
  • Wally West will be a part of the Titans for a while at least
  • When a fan brought up Armageddon 2001, Dan replied with “wow, you’ll buy anything!”
  • the direction of Final Crisis will be a little clearer after issue #3
  • Final Crisis #1-3 is about the introduction and interpretation of the Fifith World
  • According to Geoff Johns we will see the original Aquaman return in Blackest Night
  • Final Crisis: Revelation centers on the Specter
  • Captain Atom will return in Action Comics
  • Bombshell will return in Teen Titans #63
  • The New Secret Six will be: Deadshot, Catman, Scandal, Ragdoll, an A-list Batman Villain and a new character from Gail Simone
  • When a few ill-mannered fanboys were asking why Marvel’s movies are so much better, Dan Didio in a rare somber moment at the DC Nation panel stated clearly that DC is a Publishing company, movies are secondary and that they are making the best books possible
  • Gail Simone made the clarification that the monkeys in Wonder Woman are really Gorilla Knights.
  • We will see Kal-El from Earth 2 in the Black Lantern Corps
  • A Terror Titans mini is coming, but will not directly impact the Teen Titan book
  • New Elseworld books are coming
  • Gail Simone and Ethan Van Scriver will be working on a book together soon
  • Supergirl will be brought back into the Superman books as a reoccurring character and the the two books will begin to overlap
  • Lobo will be returning, but where will be a big surprise
  • No plans for online digital issues
  • Ted Kord will stay dead
  • Superman’s new direction will be a “post-post-post Crisis”, old and new characters with a new take on the mythology
  • Apparently the only place we will be seeing Jericho will be in Art Baltazar’s Tiny Titans
  • Zantanna will be getting her own series… and you will see Captain Carrot there
  • Linda Danvers will return in Reign in Hell
  • Vertigo and Milestone are not part of the 52
  • Chloe Sullivan will not be seen in Superman or Action comics, the spirit of the Smallville character was a poor fit to both book and character
  • In Final Crisis, we will see Mary Marvel vs. Supergirl, and then Mary vs. Billy Batson
  • Christopher Kent will matter!
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Updated: June 30, 2008 — 7:46 am

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