The War That Time Forgot #2

The War That Time Forgot #2 (of 12) (DC – Jones / Barrionuevo / Palmiotti)

Heroes and legends from across time collide! Marooned on an island with warriors from every era in history our heroes find that this strange environment, already crawling with prehistoric creatures, has more deadly secrets to reveal! Also, the arrival of more combatants, including Viking Prince!

There is a category of books that don’t get a lot of hype, are very cool and aren’t really discovered until about a year after they are published and the trade sales goes bonkers. This only being issue #2, I’m not wholly convinced yet, but I think TWTTF might be one of those.

DC is reviving what seems like any of their “War” book heroes from ancient days through recent modern combat and well into the future. Very much like “Lost”, these characters find themselves trapped on an island with dinosaurs and monsters without any machines or radios. Why they are there and who put them there are still unknown. What we do find out in this issue is that all the 20th century and future warriors have been placed together (and really fantastic dialog and interactions between WWI, WWII and Vietnam soldiers) and all of your ancient warriors on the other side of the island (Roman, Greek, Viking, etc.). With a clash of the sides coming very, very soon! And whatever force brought them to the island has also eliminated any language barriers that might have had an impact.

When I originally heard the two senetnce summary of this book, I thought it sounded hokey, but with the writing of Bruce Jones and the artists involved, this is fleshing out really well. I look forward to issue #3. I am wondering if this will eventually tie into Final Crisis.

Issue Grade: B+

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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