The Goblin Chronciles #1 & 2

The Goblin Chronicles #1& #2 (Ape Entertainment – Dye / Kelesides / Fogel / Terrell)

In the vein of Shrek meets Lord of the Rings, The Goblin Chronicles is a fun-filled fantasy epic suitable for all ages. Four sworn enemies, brought together by prophecy, unite to stop a mad sorceress from destroying … everything. Amidst all the magic, monsters and mayhem, our young heroes learn the value of tolerance, teamwork, and most importantly, friendship.

I almost didn’t pick this up, thinking it was yet another quick add-on into the literary landscape that is becoming children’s fantasy books. I’m very glad I gave it a shot.

The comparison to Shrek is right on the money, but it is way less involved and complex than LOTR. I would actually compare The Goblin Chronicles more to some of the original Xanth novels written by Piers Anthony. The creative team here hit the two big “E”‘s as you deal with fantasy fiction, in particular fantasy fiction that is aimed at the 10+ age category… it was entertaining and engaging! The plot sucked you in, the art was a great match and the book didn’t take itself too seriously. I read through it, was very amused and then passed it on to several of my daughters, and ages 8 through 13 and they all enjoyed it and then asked me where issue #3 was. I told them I would try to find it soon. And I hope you will too! If you are looking for something for your kids or for something to read with your kids, The Goblin Chronicles is a worthy investment!

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: June 9, 2008 — 8:15 am

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