The Apocalipstix

The Apocalipstix ( Oni Press / Fawkes / Stewart )

“Mandy, Megumi & Dot were on track to be one of the greatest rock bands in the history of mankind and then… Armageddon happened. Well, with a name like “The Apocalipstix” you know these girls aren’t going to let a Doomsday get in the way of their world tour! The trio are heading for whatever clubs and bars are left standing and no pirate, mutant or environmental collapse is going to get in the way of their next gig!”

Nuclear holocausts, hot chicks, hard rock, road warriors, and giant ants! What more could you ask for from a light hearted post-apocalyptic teenage wasteland? The Apocalipstix is what Josie and the Pussycats would be if they went through a nuclear war…and didn’t suck. Ray Fawkes gives us the typical girl band archetypes of the confidant lead singer/bassist, the air-headed but plucky and cute blond lead guitarist, and finally the non-English speaking Japanese drum player who is the “serious” one. These three take their smoldering hot rock on the road trip to the last remaining vestige of civilization, California. The troubles they face are what you would expect from a Mad Maxi like world. Fuel is rare, water and food are scarce, but there is no end of leather clad goons and giant mutated bugs. Even though Fawkes is using all the story staples of the nuclear wasteland, The Apocalipstix reads like a fresh new story wrapped in the blanket of familiarity.

The dialog was easy and flowed very nicely. There was never a raised eyebrow of confusion and more than enough comedy to keep the story going. It can be truly said that Ray Fawkes knows how to write the late-teen / early twenties female stuck on a desolate Earth. Camerson Stewart’s art is the perfect paring with Fawkes story. Bringing a catroony style to what is usually a dark and gritty setting (Wasteland, anyone?), Stewart blends the feel of Tank Girl, Mad Max, and the Archie Universe like a pro.

Bottom Line: Pick up The Apocalipstix when it hits shelves this July, or at it’s premiere at Comic Con.

Grade: A

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Updated: August 9, 2010 — 9:14 am

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