Dark Times #11, Vector pt. 5

Dark Times #11, Vector pt. 5 ( Dark Horse –  Harrison / Wheatly / McCaig)

The biggest Star Wars story of 2008 comes to the era of the Empire as Darth Vader’s pursuit of power releases a force unlike any he’s ever witnessed!  Beginning the second phase in a yearlong, galaxy-changing storyline, part five of “Vector” puts the smuggling crew of the Uhumele in their toughest predicament yet, puts Darth Vader in a traitor’s sights, and potentially puts the entire galaxy at risk!

The down side to reading an entire crossover event is eventually you get to a book that you don’t read. That is what’s happening with me and Dark Times. The crew of the Uhumele are obviously characters I’m supposed to care about, but I don’t. Not yet anyway. The story goes like I thought it would. A group of archaeologist find the oubliette with the Jedi and the Muur Talisman encased therein, and who should open it, Darth Vader of course! The Jedi who wakes up is none too happy to be found by a Sith lord and starts a fight. That’s pretty much it. The over all Vector plot wasn’t moved too far forward, other than placing it in a few time frame.

The writing and art were on par with the other Star Wars books, but one thing I did find interesting was how artist Douglas Wheatly makes Darth Vader look young. I can’t even explain how he does it, but something about the scale and angles of Vader make me believe that there is an early-20 something inside. If it is intentional, then that is some real thought going into the art.

Grade: C

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Updated: June 3, 2008 — 9:11 pm

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