Starkweather: The Immortal #1 and 2

Starkweather: Immortal #1 and #2 (Archaia Studio Press – Rodriguez / McEvoy / Pritchett)

We have forgotten them. They were the final gift of a condemned man, infused with his blood and sent out into the world to spread his word of peace and light. But they were betrayed by those sworn to protect them. The Divine Blood were lost…and the world was plunged into darkness. Today they are called witches, and they are hunted at every turn. The Twelve Great Houses have collapsed under betrayal and infighting. They have abandoned their charges, forsaking the very source of their gifts. They teeter on the brink of extinction and their best chance at survival—a five-year-old boy with enough power to topple mountains—disappeared fifteen years ago. The boy has become a man who doesn’t remember what he was. The very spell that was woven to hide him from the world also has hidden his true self, leaving him a professional slacker—a directionless disappointment who wants nothing more than to spend his life in wonderful obscurity. It is Alexander Starkweather’s destiny to restore the Divine Blood to power and lead them into a new age. But before he can become a witch, he must learn what it means to be a man.

In all honesty, I knew nothing about this story going into reading the first two issues. I was familiar with David Rodriguez’s work on Shadowgirls (which I dig) and I have been a life long fan of Piers Anthony, who wrote issue #0 which he adapted form the original story written by Mr. Rodriguez… but I never had come across Alex Starkweather. Alex Starkweather is your classic reluctant hero; taunted by destiny and throw into a situation he would rather have nothing about. Alex thinks he a slacker, but he’s actually the last in the line of uber-witches that now needs to defend his bloodline against witch-hunting Templars. Alex finds out his entire history is a sham and that many of the major players in his life were in on it, all of them waiting for Alex to “wake up”. The story is exciting, rich and has enough details to keep your blood pumping. The art is a realistic style that integrates some excellent use of shading and unique (in that good way) color choices to bring about frames that really draw you in. I cannot wait to grab issue three to see if Alex can make it through his new “witch boot camp” training and to follow-up with his “cat-turned-iguana” familiar. What a blast!

Issue Grade: A – If you can’t find the issues at your local shop, contact Archaia Studio Press directly to order them.

Pullbox Warning: While this book is not characterized by it, there is sexual content, graphic language and some gritty violence… not for the junior high crowd!

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Updated: May 6, 2008 — 7:43 pm

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