MCCC: Hero Tomorrow!

While at the Motor City Comic Con, I had the privilege of catching a screening of Hero Tomorrow, an independent film from Swinging Cane Productions.

From the Hero Tomorrow Site: David, a struggling comic book creator from Cleveland, spends his days cutting grass and his nights smoking it while desperately trying to keep his superhero fantasies alive. When Robyn, his aspiring fashion-designer girlfriend, makes him a Halloween costume of his original character Apama, it doesn’t take David long to hit the streets and begin blundering towards disaster. Can Robyn rescue David and save their relationship before his vigilante dreams become a four color nightmare? Does the comfort And security of her own desire offer a trap just as deadly to this comic book Don Quixote?

Given the wide range of quality and vision that falls within the field of Independent film, I’m never quite sure what to expect when viewing one. Especially one that falls within the realms of comic book geekdom. It could be two guys with a cam-corder in their basement, but then again it might be something worth watching. Hero Tomorrow definitely falls into the second category.

Let me just start with the over production quality. The movie looks great! High-quality film, great sound, solid audio / video editing… I was very impressed with the overall presentation of the film and I was watching it from a folding chair in a noisy curtained-off part of a convention center. In a real theater, this would not have the “low quality feel” of your typical indie film.

I applaud Ted Sikora and Milo Miller, co-writers of the film. The story kept me thinking about what would come next and then throw a slight curve ball. While you aren’t supposed to like the main character David, or at least I walked away with the idea that I wouldn’t want him in my circle of friends, you do relate to some of his issues and David’s interactions with those around him ring true for a young twenty something who is haunted by his own choices and yet smart enough to see his future options fading fast. The character of Robyn also has some very realistic moments as the talented co-dependent, big-hearted young woman who is ready to step-up into real life. At several times, the story takes unexpected turns, with a rather large “holy crap” twist at the end. If this is Sikora and Miller showing their potential, then I cannot wait to see where they turn up next! While overall I did enjoy the film, there was a certain “artistic” feel in it that I can truthfully say went way over my head… honestly, I am still wondering about the squid symbolism.

The acting in the movie fit well in line with the other aspects of this film that were top notch. Without someone being able to express and interpret the characters, the writing would never get off the ground. Not only were the main acting parts done extremely well (Perren Hedderson as David and Jocelyn Wrzosek as Robyn… both have futures in the professional field) but many of the background and secondary characters were also believable (I think I knew Greg’s dad growing up) and realistic. Once again, an applause to this film and it’s amalgamation of excellent writing and interpretation.

If Hero Tomorrow is coming to a convention or film festival near you, it is well worth your time to check it out! Long Live Apama!

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Updated: May 29, 2008 — 5:49 pm

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