Justice Society of America #15

Justice Society of America #15 (DC – Johns / Eaglesham / Jose)

“Thy Kingdom Come” continues! The cracks begin to show within the Justice Society as the “Heartbreak Slayer” stands revealed. Now, the Justice Society are face-to-face with an ancient being whose mission to help the world surpasses even their own.

Well, at least I’m glad to see that something actually happened in this issue. The last few have just kind of gone on and on for me. Here we have the complete JSA take on Magog in a huge issue-long fight. Actually, it was pretty darn cool. We get to see powers both strong and weak, veterans and rookies all work together has a hard-core team to show what true power lies within the JSA. Teamwork and true heroism has always been at the heart of the JSA concept and it was a treat to see this series go back to that rather than spending more time introducing yet newer characters and watching heroes tiptoe around in the shadows trying to get a handle on the Heartbreak Slayer.

The end of this issue opens a new arc “One Nation under Gog” as we get to see what seems to be an ancient, altruistic and yet very powerful Gog offer up peace on Earth… a far cry from his legacy in Kingdom Come. While JSA, in recent months, has slipped lower and lower on my list, the writing and art in this issue reminds me why I get it. Well done… I hope the new arc follows suit!

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: B+

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Updated: July 10, 2010 — 1:41 pm

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