Madame Mirage #6

Madame Mirage #6 (of 6) (Top Cow – Dini / Rocaforth)

Don’t miss the finale of MADAME MIRAGE Season 1! This captivating tale of murder, intrigue and revenge has all the makings of a classic film noir, with a mix of supervillains and high-tech weapons thrown in for good measure. The answers to the questions surrounding Madame Mirage’s motives and her unexpected alliance with the villains of ASI are revealed at last in this issue. Paul Dini’s latest smash comes to a shocking conclusion here!

I was worried when I read the last issue about how this series would close with just one issue left, but I worried for nothing! Issue #6 brings Madame Mirage Season 1 to a fantastic ending! This is exactly what a conclusion should be. There was plenty of action and story to make this this an issue worth reading by itself, while also giving the readers who have been following along closure… plus giving us a promise and set-up for Season 2. Paul Dini does a masterful job of giving the reader what is the new standard for the perfect combination of sci-fi / superhero action. When this hits trade, this should be a must have for everyone!

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: A

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Updated: July 10, 2010 — 1:41 pm


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  1. Always a pleasure to see a good independent comics to see that good stories can live out of the big dogs as you call them, waiting for the second season already

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