The Scream Factory is open for business!

Fans of last year’s Bump and Valley of the Rage books… rejoice! They are back! With a new a look and at a new home. If you are a horror fanboy or have interest in the genre, you have to check this out… the real deal!

Press release 4/7 – THE SCREAM FACTORY, an alliance of film, music, literary and comic book professionals, has unleashed a stunning selection of downloadable quality horror titles online, and is delighted to tell readers that they can find the offerings at at absolutely no charge!!! All of the titles are available on Wowio through the Smashout Comics publishing group.

The first three titles immediately available are:

BUMP: A supernatural tale of extreme horror, where even the confines of the grave aren’t able to contain the brutal spirit of serial killer Edgar Dill, and his legion of monstrous Treehuggers! You may recall that BUMP, the cult hit mini-series by writer/artist Mark Kidwell (FRANK FRAZETTA’S DARK KINGDOM), was the first title to arrive from the ill-fated Fangoria Comics line. BUMP’s new digi-release ties in with the development of the BUMP feature film starring Tobin Bell (Jigsaw of the SAW franchise) and directed by legendary special effects wizard Robert Kurtzman (creator of FROM DUSK ‘TIL DAWN, director of Wes Craven’s WISHMASTER). Eddie and the Treehuggers will next see the printed comics page in Devil’s Due Publishing’s HACK/SLASH issues 12 and 13, which features the long anticipated “lost” crossover originally scheduled to appear last Halloween. Pages from the crossover (featuring art by H/S creator Tim Seeley) will be previewed in some of the BUMP issues available on Wowio. See for more info on the film. Four issue, full color mini-series

ROBERT KURTZMAN’S BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE RAGE: A prequel to the recent Robert Kurtzman horror film, THE RAGE. Andrew Divoff (INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL) “reprises” his movie role as the maniacal Dr. V, hell-bent on bringing the world to it’s knees by infecting it with his Rage serum and transforming all of mankind into mutated, murderous monsters! The complete mini-series is finally available! Readers recall that for reasons beyond the creator’s control the fourth and final issue never shipped from its former publisher. Creator Robert Kurtzman said, “I’m incredibly excited to finally get the fourth issue of Beneath the Valley of the Rage out to the readers after Fangoria prematurely pulled the plug on the comic division just prior to the release of our final issue. If you thought the first three issues were extreme, believe me, the ending will really blow you away!” You can now follow the entire savage saga to its gore-ific conclusion just prior to the events of the film, which is currently available on DVD. Check out the movie’s official website at Four issue, full color mini-series

G.R.A.V.E. GRRRLS: DESTROYERS OF THE DEAD: A new nano-technology developed to cure Alzheimer’s disease (the PROJECT: BORN AGAIN chip) is somehow bringing the dead back to life with an insatiable hunger for human flesh, and it’s going to take three “enhanced” female government ops known as the G.R.A.V.E. (Genetically Refined And Virally Enhanced) Grrrls to solve the mystery and put the dead back to bed. But­­ that only raises more questions- both to the zombie plague and their own origins. The critically acclaimed “Super-Horror” mini-series from creators Scott Licina and Ken Wolak is available again for the first time in over two years! Praised by everyone from Best Shots @ to Rue Morgue magazine when it first shambled onto the scene in 2005, G.R.A.V.E. GRRRLS is now looking at a second afterlife with more media projects to follow. Stated writer and co-creator Scott Licina, “It’s great to have the Grrrls back in action. Requests for the two previously announced sequel mini-series RISE OF THE SCARLET MOON and THE VAMPIRE SYNDICATE have been steadily coming in since we went on hiatus because of other commitments, so I’m really psyched to be back in the Grrrl’s horrific world.” Co-creator and artist Ken Wolak had this comment, “It’s great to see the series get a second life. Both myself and Scott put a lot of hard work into the books, and I hope everyone enjoys reading the series again as much as we enjoyed creating it.” Three issue, full color mini-series

ALSO AVAILABLE: the two NIGHTMARE NOIR “pencil only” versions of BUMP #1 and ROBERT KURTZMAN’S BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE RAGE #1, which were previously only available as extremely limited retailer incentive editions through Diamond Comic Distributors.

More titles and their release dates will be available soon, including DEE SNIDER’S STRANGELAND: SEVEN SINS, which was created and written by MTV’s ROCK THE CRADLE star Jesse Blaze Snider and will feature the remaining three issues that never saw print from Fangoria, and the all-new prequel series based on the upcoming movie DEATH WALKS THE STREETS starring Christian Kane (ANGEL) and Estella Warren (PLANET OF THE APES).

You can go to download any and each of the individual comics directly from the official THE SCREAM FACTORY MySpace page at:

About Smashout Comics:

Smashout Comics ( is an independent comics studio that focuses on online reprints and original series on, and is responsible for the webcomics GROUNDED ANGEL, THE DRIFTER and GAMBLING SOULS, the Image print comic STRONGARM, and the how-to books WEBCOMICS 2.0 from Course PTR and PROFESSIONAL MANGA from Focal Press. For More Information:

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