Action Comics #863

Action Comics #863 (DC / Johns / Frank / Sibal)

It’s the grand finale to the 6-part “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes!” To save the galaxy, Superman and the Legion must clear the good name of Krypton’s Last Son, but to do that, they must defeat the greatest villains of their time: the JLA! Featuring a stunning “Superman and The Legion of Super-Heroes” cover plus a “Superman Triumphant” variant cover, both by Gary Frank!

This is the end of the most kick-ass Superman story I’ve read in a long time! Goeff Johns, Gary Frank, and Jon Sibal have given us a story full of drama, suspense, and flat out action that, in my opinion, has been missing from the Superman books for years. As a reader you get huge dose of futuristic sci-fi Superman with a sweet shot of iconic Superman for a chaser.

Part of the huge success of this arc is that it’s not just a Superman story. With the addition of an grown-up LEGION, it really makes me want to go pick up a few trades of their title. I’ll admit that my knowledge of the LEGION is lacking and has mostly been built by Saturday Morning Cartoons. If this creative team was also on LEGION of Super-Heroes, I would have to find away to spend an extra $2.99 a month.

When the trade paperback of this arc is released, I strongly suggest you pick it up. This story brings back the wonder of Superman and will make you feel like a kid again.

Issue Grade A+

Series /Story Arc Grade: A+

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Updated: April 7, 2008 — 1:26 pm

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