The Mice Templar #4

The Mice Templar #4 (Image – Glass / Oeming)

Only the legendary Readers of the Wheat priesthood can approve Karic’s destiny as the prophesied liberator of all mice. But only knighted Templars dare enter their ancient fortress within the Great Ash Tree, while Karic must first survive the sacrificial rituals of the fearsome druid-witch Black Anaius. Also, the Hooded One reveals his name, and it may cost the life of Pilot the Tall.

With each issue, this series gets better and better. At first, I was pretty shaky about this rodent epic, which explores religion, culture, point of view and destiny. But with every single page that is turned and puzzle piece that fits, the story of The Mice Templar becomes more and more amazing.

Karic is a great off-centered protagonist that is joy to watch, he is too sure of himself in a situation when his pride will be his biggest road block, unsure of himself at times when he needs to step up… and always running at a break-neck pace in way over his head and never really thinking twice before a decision. Thankfully Pilot is there to help him out. It really is fun 🙂 Karic is sort of a combination of young Luke Skywalker, Frodo and Gobo Fraggle… except as a mouse.

On a functional note, the art and story of the book compliment each other incredibly well to continue this grand tale… the only bummer is wondering how long it will be until issue #5

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: April 30, 2008 — 8:06 pm

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