Simon Dark #7

Simon Dark #7 (DC – Niles / Hampton / Klein / Chuckry)

A cult that has infiltrated Gotham at every level has the city in its grip, driving everyone crazy…and only the mysterious entity known as Simon Dark can root out the madness at its source!

Simon Dark is one of those books that is hard to put into a box. It’s a gritty supernatural suspense book, just walking the line from being a full-blown gothic horror, but set in a super-powered world. The writing is gripping, it’s the kind of story that makes your stomach tingle a tad, in that bad way, as different scenes or plot devices show themselves. The feeling you get when an elementary teacher turns into a diseased monster right in front of all of the students… and the scene jumps to somewhere else leaving you wondering… yea that feeling. The shadowy art compliments the jerky piece-mail story telling completely.

The only real issue I have with this book is that there are constant reminders that we are still in the DCU, in Gotham City no less… and no other DC magical hero has been called in as a demonic plague sweeps through the city? That doesn’t quite sit well with me. I think Simon could do a whole lot better as a stand alone, rather than wrapped up in Batman’s hometown. Ah well, I will give Simon Dark this… it’s the best use of soap in a plot since Fight Club.

Issue Grade: B

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Updated: April 22, 2008 — 10:27 am

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