Shadow Hunter #2

Shadow Hunter # 2 (Virgin – Jameson / Christina Z / Singh)

Beset by demons, monsters, and the shocking revelations about who she really is, Jezzerie Jaden finds herself trapped between two men who want her, body and soul. But does either of them truly understand the power she will unleash, or the unstoppable force of her wrath? Twists, turns, and be-headings abound in this climactic conclusion to the two-part storyline with stunning artwork by Mukesh Singh. You’ve never seen horror look so beautiful

Interesting book, in that not exactly what I expected way.  I didn’t check out issue #1 when that came out, but I thought… who knows, right?  Well, this was neither awesome nor as bad as I thought it would be.  The writing by Christina Z had great detail and good dialogue, but the over all idea is a pretty re-hashed  one.  A young person finds out one of their parents is a great demon-lord type and they are destined to be at their parent’s side… but they are going to use their magical powers for good.  I caught that plot on a two-parter of Teen Titans Go!  As far as calling this a horror book, I would say it’s a horror-lite.

So, overused plot in the big picture, good details work by the writer and very good art.  Far and away the best thing about this book is the great splash pages put together byMukesh Singh.  I hope to see many more project by him.

Issue Grade: B- (it’s the art!)

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Updated: April 25, 2008 — 4:37 am

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