Maintenace Vol.2 Fantastic Sewage & Other Stories

Maintenance Vol.2 Fantastic Sewage & Other Stories (Oni Press / Massey / Rodriguez)

Doug and Manny are off on their most sensational, incredible, uncanny, and amazing adventure yet–you might even call it “fantastic”! When super-intelligent, teensy-weensy creatures claim the TerrorMax sewers as their own personal fiefdom, it’s up to our intrepid hero—er, janitors, to hit the drain pipes and clean up these micro-invaders once and for all!

The first part of this book can only be described by an onomatopoeia: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The story titled “Fantastic Sewage” left me in stitches and made me pee a little. Massey and Rodriguez have supplied us with a story of two every day men launched into the ass end villainous comedy. Doug and Manny are not evil scientists. They are not seconds in command. Heck, they’re not even henchmen. Doug and Manny are they guys who clean up after the evil-doers and henchmen. In “Fantastic Sewage” we see a great tribute to the 1966 film Fantastic Voyage. But rather then saving a rich guy, our boys get shrunk down and flushed to have the world from microscopic beings living in our sewer pipes. It’s a great story full of hilarity.

Now the “Other Stories” section of the book didn’t hit with me on the same level as the first. There are some very funny parts, but as a whole it left me wanting. Could it be that I just need a heavy dose of Doug and Manny to get me going? Maybe, but still wasn’t as impressed.

Jim Massey (writer) and Robbie Rodriguez (illustrator) have proven their comedic metal to me. I suggest you pick up Maintenance, head to the closest bathroom, and enjoy some reading time.

Grade: B (lost points for “Other Stories”)

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Updated: August 9, 2010 — 9:13 am

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