Justice League of America #19

Justice League of America #19 (DC – Burnett / Benes / Hope)

Don’t miss the final chapter of “Salvation,” as the JLA turn themselves over to the U.S. government to be sent to prison off-world! What old foe will they have to rely on to save themselves from planet hell?

This JLA run has been very interesting if you have been following along in Salvation Run. What Alan Burnett has been doing is laying the backdrop with what Amanda Waller’s and Checkmate’s original plans were and what went wrong. It was a good combination of helping the overall SR story along while still doesn’t reveal the big baddie, the one who have re-routed the villain from the original planet Salvation to where they are now Planet Hell… now, we do know Desaad is involved somehow, even though we saw his demise in Countdown, but that is a tale of woe for another day. Like I said, while it doesn’t reveal an answer for the sideways Salvation plot mess, it does reveal a failed plot of JLA nemesis Kanjar Ro! And that big battle scene was pretty fun! It was nice to see the whole JLA in action again, kicking butt and taking names. Overall a great a issue and good story arc.

Grade: B+

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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