Atomic Robo #6

Atomic Robo #6 (of 6) (Red 5 – Clevinger / Wegner / Pattison / Powell)

Atomic Robo is trapped in an underground complex, his Action Scientists are captured, and he’s surrounded by a vast army of re-animated cyborg soldiers. Things to downhill from there. Baron von Helsingard won’t let a little thing like being killed seventy years ago stop his latest scheme to destroy Robo.

This first series ends as it started: smart and fun! Robo and his crew go into a final showdown with the evil, and now robotic Baron. Come on, is there a better villain to cheer for than an evil scientist’s brain that is now housed in a giant robot? That is so wonderfully classic. But it fits the retro blast of a read that is Atomic Robo.

This series is the perfect blend of wit and action wrapped up in a pulp sci-fi package worth the read to any fan. And that includes the ominous possible return of the main antagonist (Flash never could put Ming down for good either!). The art is fantastic, the writing is flawlessly funny and within issues the overall book flows like a classic. Issue #6 leaves the Robo fan wanting more! Unless it’s outrageously high priced, the Vol 1 trade will probably be you best purchase of 2008.

Series Grade: A

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: March 4, 2008 — 8:45 am


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