Crazy Papers

Crazy Papers (Chatterbox Comicx  – Dougan / Coresetto)

“Melanie’s pushing 30, treading water in her career and love life. Her impulsive friend Amanda blows into town looking for love in all the wrong places-and finds it in the arms of a charming chap with a mysterious briefcase. Their romance sucks Melanie and her friend Violet into a whirlwind weekend of wannabe gangstas, bar brawls, Bon Jovi, Jealous husbands and jail time. The strain will test the girls’ friendship-but will it give Melanie the kick she needs to get our of her rut? And just what’s in the briefcase, anyway?”

This is the first published release from the team of Dougan and Danielle besides their web comics Girls With Slingshots. And in my opinion, they hit it out of the park. This is one of those rare Indy books where the story just wasn’t long enough. The book ended with me wanting to see more of these characters that I had come to love in the short 50 page comic.

This book captures the essence (I think) of what is means to be pushing 30 and single in a big city. What surprised me was how well Jim Dougan was able to capture and write woman. This is a refreshing departure from the water balloon boobs, gratuitous cleavage, and booty shots that seem to dominate the comic industry.

Crazy Papers is like the perfect meal. It’s got a great appetizer, just enough salad, delicious main course, and yummy desert. Throw in some Bon Jovi as dinner music (read it an you’ll see) and it’s the perfect mix.

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Grade: A+

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Updated: March 5, 2008 — 2:51 pm

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