Proof #4

Proof #4 (Image – Grecian / Rossmo) Proof arrives just in time to prevent another murder, but El Chupacabra’s been waiting for him and she has a few surprises under her skin.

The penultimate chapter of the first story arc of this landmark series has a lot more emotion than action. But it works none the less. The Chupacabra surrenders to Proof, but not before laying on him some burdensome information about both his past and his future. This sets up what could be some very interesting future arcs.

There are three reasons that every comic fan should become a “Proof-reader”. First, the story and dialogue are both incredible. Alex Grecian does a wonderful job of balancing action, suspense and comedy. Proof reads like some of the best X-Files episodes. Second, the “bonus features” of this book do nothing but add to the expert story-telling aspects. Between the newspaper clips, back-up stories and “notes” that are scattered throughout, the story is enriched exponentially. And third is the art, Riley Rossmo’s pencils and colors are gorgeous. The expressiveness and sketchy style of the art is exactly what is needed for this supernatural tale.

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: A

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Updated: February 7, 2008 — 3:49 pm

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