Project Superpowers #1

Project Superpowers #1 (Dynamite – Ross / Krueger / Paul / Bowland)

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT and Alex RossSUPERPOWERS! Issue #1 weighs in at 40 pages, and includes Alex Ross sketchbook material and character designs! The entire story of the return of the SUPERPOWERS begins here (and will be told over the course of this 6 issue mini-series!) The story of SUPERPOWERS starts here! After the super-selling #0, Dynamite launches Alex Ross’ SUPERPOWERS #1. Can the modern world can handle the greatest heroes ever lost to history! This powerful series is overseen by Alex Ross Cover by Alex Ross! Look for the Michael Turner variant incentive cover as well! #1 in a brand new series launching in the world today! unleash the who has designed every hero within these pages; scripted by Jim Krueger with art by Carlos Paul, this is the most powerful comic book event of the year!

It’s a pretty cool idea, don’t know if I would call it the “most powerful comic book of the year”. Fighting Yank makes his way to see the Green Lama, who has now become a sentient avatar for Mother Earth (sort of a less monstery Swamp Thing). The two of them, along with the American Spirit who is haunting the Yank, go to find Pandora’s Urn where Yank trapped all of his comrades decades ago. Before he can fulfil his destiny, he needs to get through a deranged robotic Dynamic Man and his Dynamic forces.

The story went a bit slower then it did in issue #0. In fact, without reading #0, the Project Superpowers plot would be a bit strained and have a few holes. So, if you picked up the first issue thinking it was the first issue… sorry for the bad news. The art was fantastic and held up where the plot jumped (where did all those uniformed people come from who rushed the Dynamic Forces building?). While this was not all I had build this up to be, there was certainly enough meat here to keep this on the monthly list

Issue Grade: B

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Updated: February 28, 2008 — 11:58 pm

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