Countdown Lowdown #9

Pay the Piper!

Here’s the Lowdown

  • Piper pulls himself back up from the fall, tries to wake-up Desaad (bad move) and when he can’t… presses a button on Desaad’s palm (worse move)
  • Desaad explains how he has set Piper and Trickster from the beginning
  • He also goes into explaining that apparently the Piper can play the anti-life equation with his flute
  • an OMAC shows up stuns Desaad and takes Piper back to Eye’s “heart”
  •  there, the Challengers plus a few stragglers crash Eye’s party, end up freeing Firestrom and stop Karate Kid from being dissected
  • Eye then teleports the whole lot somewhere on the surface of Apokolips to take on an army of OMACs
  • This leaves Piper and Desaad inside… where Piper gets a backbone and makes Desaad’s head blow up all “Scanners” style
  • Once Piper gets his confidence back, apparently nothing is stopping him, he unleashes the anti-life power and apparently kills Brother Eye, taking the hell planet with it
  • Origin of Black Manta… yup, I said Black Manta

Some of the bonuses that this week had going for it, one long story sequence rather than 12 2-page sequences… and no Jimmy Olsen!  Bravo!  Hopefully we can get a little bit more background on how Piper ended up with the anti-life power in him… or why this hasn’t come up before.

Issue Grade: B

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Updated: February 28, 2008 — 11:02 pm

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