More Casting on “Wolverine: The Movie”!

I bring you Deadpool!

Other than Logan/Wolverine, this could be the best casting for an X-Men film. I’m not a fan of Deadpool, but I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds. He has the physical prowes and comedic timing to nail this roll.

And next we have, Gambit!

The actors name is Taylor Kitsch and I have no idea who he is. I guess he’s on “Friday Night Lights” and does a pretty good job. Lets hope he’s more than face. I was never bit by the gambit bug, but I know plenty of people that were. Frankly, I see the character working better in Wolverine adventure film than I do the team based X-Men films.

Cross your fingers and hope it doesn’t suck!!

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Updated: February 19, 2008 — 8:52 pm

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