Marvel Adventures Hulk #8

Marvel Adventures Hulk #8 (Marvel – Benjamin / Nakayama / Martin / Sanatcruz)

Hulk! Dr. Strange! Silver Surfer! The Sub-Mariner! For the first time ever in Marvel Adventures, the Defenders assemble! But can they stop arguing with each other long enough to save the world? If the monstrous Nameless One gets his way, the All Ages.

Raised on Spider-man and His Amazing Friends and now having daughters at home who I hope will grow-up be knowledgeable about geek culture, I am always pumped when there are books out geared towards the pre-teen. Taking a look at the history of the Marvel Adventures line, it was awful shaky at first, that first issue of Fantastic Four was close to incomprehensible… but now this series is doing much better in their mission to introduce a younger generation to the traditional Marvel characters and story-lines with an enjoyable and coherent plot.

The Marvel Adventures Hulk book has been the best in the MA line. Taking Hulk history and slightly modifying it so that it is still a blast to read for the seasoned fan and yet also exciting enough and family friendly for readers of all ages.  The MA line does a great job of keeping this balance so that parents can let children of all ages read without fear of exposure to more mature concepts or images. In issue #8, we witness the birth of the Defenders and inner-struggles that has always been the strength and weakness of that team. I am sad to see that this is David Nakayama’s last issue, he is an incredible artist with a whole bag-full of talent that I hope Marvel puts to use elsewhere.

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: A-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:11 pm

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