Marvel Comics Present #6

Marvel Comics Presents #6 (Marvel – various)

CAPTAIN AMERICA leaps into action in WWII—and the Sentinel of Liberty’s actions affect not just the fighting troops—but even a man judged unfit for combat! Plus—KA-ZAR and SHANNA bring together the tribes of the SAVAGE LAND to fight a common foe…but how long can they stay united? Meanwhile, Detective STACY DOLAN tracks down a wanted terrorist—one she thought she already put behind bars—and an unexpected guest star reveals his link to the mystery of the VANGUARD. And finally—Michael Pointer, the GUARDIAN, has been hearing things…things he does not want to hear…in WEAPON OMEGA.

This series has had a definite upturn. Two of the four stories this month were great. The style and feel of Vanguard is screaming to have it’s own book. And the Captain America related one-shot dealing with a patriotic kid who is deemed unfit to join WWII is excellent. In the other column, the Guardian story just moves the overall plot along and the Ka-Zar tale, even for Savage Land fans, is only “so-so”. Both of these yarns have fantastic visual components to them, yet they both have fallen victim to the “too many parts” syndrome. Even in an anthology book, something can be told in eight issues doesn’t get better if it’s told over twelve issues.

Issue Grade: B+

Series Grade: B

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:11 pm

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