Countdown Lowdown #10

The Gods Must be Crazy!

Here’s the Lowdown…

  • Holly, Harley and Mary fight their way to what seems like the heart of Apoklips, at the suggestions of the inner whispers of Mary
  • They find a huge door, where Mary is prompted to say the magic word!
  • After becoming Mary Marvel again, the door is opened and the ancient gods are released from their prison
  • Mary has been given her full powers back and divine powers are bestowed upon Harley and Holly (woe to Bats!)
  • The three re-powered warrior women hunt down Granny goodness
  • She almost escapes, only to be disintegrated by an unknown figure
  • Given the Kirby-esque art surrounding this unknown, this must be the new Black Racer
  • The original Black Racer’s human body was murdered in the first issue of Death of the New Gods, and this is the first time we have heard from the new host for DC’s personification of inevitable death
  • OMAC has absorbed Una but cannot absorb Karate Kid
  • In the heat of a quizzical moment, an OMAC kills Kid and brings his body back for the autopsy
  • Desaad has found the Piper and has convinced him to use his power to become a “new god” of Apokolips… but mere moments too late
  • Brother Eye has absorbed and assimilated Apokolips has a whole planet
  • Origin of Harley Quinn

If anything, Countdown has been a roller coaster ride.  Issue #10 was exciting, fast-paced, relevant and altogether… good.  If only the next nine issues fit this pattern

Grade: B+

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Updated: February 23, 2008 — 8:39 pm

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