Justice Society of America #12

Justice Society of America #12 (DC – Johns / Eaglesham / Jose)

Thy Kingdom Come” explodes as Jakeem Thunder returns! The Justice Society reaches out to the next wave of legacy heroes: the new Mr. America, Judomaster, Amazing Man and more! Plus, another face familiar to the Kingdom Come Superman makes his presence known.

The issue opens with the return of Jakeem Thunder and his always-joyful *sarcastic wink* attitude about newbies in the JSA facilities. Talk about someone you don’t want at the Christmas party. This issue’s story revolves around giving a background for the six new JSA characters that are coming. This origin-fest issue the first time in the series that I would just call it straight filler. The only real interesting moment is the knowledge that Gog has shown his face and is killing again. I am also waiting to see how these major DC characters are going to play into Final Countdown and the Great Disaster.

Issue grade: B-

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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