Justice League of America #18

Justice League of America #18 ( DC / Burnett / Benes / Hope )

“WITNESS THE JLA’S BATTLE WITH THE SUICIDE SQUAD!The Justice League Vs. the Suicide Squad for the salvation of the Earth’s villains! Plus, more on Vixen’s power flux.

The Justice League is still one of the best things I read each month. This current arc, which connects to Salvation Run without making me buy it, has the League offering asylum to a group of villains who are afraid Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad will capture and ship them off to the prison planet. DC’s mightiest heroes are not so keen to comply. As the mystery of he prison planet moves forward, the JLA move into position to find, and possibly free, their greatest enemies from their intersteller incarceration.

Grade: A

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Updated: February 27, 2008 — 1:16 pm

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