Infinity Inc. #6

Infinity Inc. #6 (DC – Miligan / Camp)

Matt Camp (Zero Killer) provides guest art for Part 1 of the new story arc “Influencing Machines,” guest-starring Superman and Batman and introducing an all-new teammate! A deranged serial killer loose in Metropolis may in fact turn out to be another crazed Everyman Project kid.

If you are one of the many fanboys that have not picked up this book, Infinity Inc. is a book following the aftermath from the Everyman project (52). Luthor is long gone to planet Salvation, but his messed-up legacy lives on in the psuedo-heroes who form Infinity Inc. Their powers range from going into mist form, to instantaneously spewing blood from self-healing wounds to being able switching genders. And now they face an escaped psychopath that force people act on their deep rooted fears through the use of televisions (nope, not making it up). Luckily for this band of wannabes that Superman and Batman have shown up to help them out. Infinity Inc. is written as a book that is supposed to be more character driven rather than action driven. The problem is, with the exception of Steel, all of the main characters are whiners and kind of unlikable. And the art is passable at best.

Grade: D

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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