Fantastic Four #553

Fantastic Four #553 (Marvel – McDuffie / Pelletier / Magyar) The unexpected conclusion! When the Fantastic Four meet their future counterparts, they finally learn the astonishing outcome of Reed Richards’ secret, post-Civil War plan.

Well, it is the end of the McDuffie / Pelletier run on FF. And it has been a phenomenal run too… I just wish that it had ended with a little less melodrama. Before Future-Doom’s facade is up, present FF and Future FF have a little fist-to-cuffs showing how kickin’ and powerful the future FF is. We then find out that Reed’s plan 101 to change the world for the better works and the future is essence a paradise. Future Doom is sent off in a very altruistic manner to an alternate time-line where World War Hulk ended very differently, so he may become a hero too. The future four leave our FF wishing them luck, letting them know that while it will be a difficult and fun adventure, it will be a good one. Pretty typical time-travel happy ending. While I will be happy to see the rah-rah and promotion that comes with a Millar / Hitch book come to the FF book, I will certainly miss this creative team.

Grade: A-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:10 pm

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