Fear Agent #18

Fear Agent #18 (Dark Horse – Remender / Opena / Madsen) Lost deep in the subterranean maze of the barbaric Kipferi, Heath is forced to fight his allies in the aliens’ arena of death or watch all the Fear Agents die! Across the galaxy Charlotte discovers Mara’s true motivations during an encounter with the deadly space pirates of the Centurion Nebula!

For those of you that have been following the Fear Agent book for a while, you will have noticed the new numbering. This could also be categorized as Hatchet Job part 2 of 5. For those of you that have not been following this book, Fear Agent has all of the components of your classic science fiction drama with double the drama. Not only are the characters dealing with the aftermath of a full scale invasion of Earth… you know the standards: low food supplies, finding ways to fight back the alien menace, greedy human collaborators, possible relocation of the human race, etc. These issues would be enough to make a nail-biter by themselves, but the Agent book crew are also struggling with a full array of social struggles and interpersonal catastrophes having a focal point on the two main characters Keith and Heath. They are essentially Felix and Oscar that happen to be the current and ex-husband to the same survivalist gal. And on top of not being in each other’s fan-club, they are trapped on an alien planet together after a botched food run. On top of these two, there is a whole ensemble of characters that link with each others in harsh and non-expected ways. Think of it as a “War of the Worlds” meets “Lost. The story and characters are written well and put together at a hearty-paced run. The clear drawn lines and well-chosen colors are a good match with the story-telling feel.

Grade: A-

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Updated: February 5, 2008 — 4:30 pm

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