Countdown Lowdown #13

“Abandon All Hope”

Here’s the Lowdown…

  • The issue opens with the Earth-51 monitor weeping for his world
  • Monarch and Superman-Prime (SM-P) go fist to cuffs to decide who gets to lay claim to the Earth, both of them monologuing the whole time
  • Monarch’s mask gets lifted releasing a nuclear blast, obliterating Donna’s insectoid army
  • Monarch and SM-P are both set back but neither serious hurt
  • While the challengers escape the blast, Donna Troy is the only one to see a ghostly hand write on the wall “To Apokolips” (very Old Testament)
  • Darkseid has a side conversation with Bob
  • Ultraman kills Batman-51, and Joker-51 mocks Jason Todd’s grief… bad news for him…
  • It would seem that Jason has taken the mantle of Red Robin… a few frames later we see the Joker beaten dead with a rock
  • The Challengers and RayPalmer are teleported by Monitor-51 to Apokolips where they believe the answers lie
  • SM-P rips open Monarch’s chest-plate, releasing the energy within… which starts a chain reaction destroying Earth-51
  • The issue opens with the Earth-51 monitor weeping for his world
  • Origin of Cyborg Superman

Countdown to Final Crisis #13 was not as good as the last few issues, but it’s still holding… way better than the lame first two thirds of the series. The writers are setting themselves up I think, because the way they are playing this, the big antagonists here (SM-P and Monarch) have shown the ability to hand out “designated die-er” slips to anyone who opposed them. A hero getting the way of these two is done, you might as well hand them a red shirt and have them go on an away mission with Kirk. Countdown writers either have some really great plot device ready or something worthy of a boot to the head… “One More Earth” perhaps?

Grade: B

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Updated: February 1, 2008 — 4:24 pm

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