Cable & Deadpool #49

Cable & Deadpool #49 (Marvel – Nicieza / Brown / Freeman) Deadpool and his ragtag group of cronies travel to the Savage Land in search of a device that will help rebuild the nation of Rumekistan in Cable’s honor. But things go amiss when they discover that the device is already spoken for…and not even the swarthy KA-ZAR or his sabretooth sidekick ZABU have been able to intervene! Ferocious action and raucous hijinks ensue! Given that Cable is supposedly dead (really off protecting a baby after the conclusion of Messiah CompleX), this book is now the adventures of assassin-gone-nutty Deadpool. Reilly Brown and Fabian Nicieza do a great job of writing a slapstick adventure of Deadpool and his band of hearty adventurers as they take down the vile plans of Brainchild. The series’ ability to combine a fast-action plot, over-the-top humor and breaking down the fourth wall without going overboard is worthy of a nod from Dan Slott. The issue ends with a tie-in with the Mighty Avengers book as Deadpool teleports a bunch of dinosaurs on top of the vehicles transporting the now captured symbiotes that attacked Manhattan… results? Venom-Rex! A fun and fast read, a good series to jump into.  The main character is much more enjoyable read here then his present guest-star place in Wolverine: Origins.

Grade: B+

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:10 pm

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