Teen Titans #55

TEEN TITANS #55 (DC / McKeever / Igle / Jose / Palmiotti) Following up the epic “Titans of Tomorrow” storyline, we catch the Titans in a moment of quiet before the next storm. As one Titan leaves forever, Wonder Girl and Robin explore their newfound feelings for each other as Ravager enjoys herself by pitting Blue Beetle against Kid Devil. And watch out for the introduction of the new Clock King, a modern-day Fagin out to create a villainous team of his own. Fan-favorite writer Sean McKeever continues to deliver his own special blend of excitement and angst sure to keep this book on the top of your must-read pile! DC hits the nail on the head when they say “this is the calm before the next storm.” This issue is by no means boring, but it is a big relationship issue. And after all, isn’t that the heart of all the Teen Titans books? Page one sees a Titans membership in flux again when team powerhouse Supergirl flies off with a disdain for Wonder Girl. This sets off the big question of “What’s with Robin and Wonder Girl?” It doesn’t end well for this couple, but I don’t think their ship has sailed yet. Another building conflict is the possible love triangle between Kid Devil, Ravager, and Blue Beetle. Well, maybe not love because Ravager’s idea of love is poking her eye out with a stick. Even more interesting is when the older Kid Devil from “Titans from Tomorrow” told his younger self to not trust Blue Beetle. In fact, he should kill him as soon as he can! Then finally we have our little Martian girl with a split personality. I’m sure that will pop up later.

Overall, Teen Titans# 55 is a solid non-action issue with still great art and dialogue.

Grade: B+

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Updated: January 24, 2008 — 2:21 pm

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