Pogrom #1

Pogrom #1 (of 7) (Hypergraphia / Devil’s Due – Tomao / Medors)Is a man consumed by pure evil capable of redemption? Forged in the fires of sin, a dead torturer is reborn as POGROM, a specter hell-bent upon reclaiming his lost human senses. Battling the Avatars of Sin, Pogrom consumes the suffering of massacre victims, growing in strength. Will this new found strength draw Pogrom back to his humanity or push him further away? Last Summer I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Tomao and preview the first sixteen pages of Pogrom. I was blown away with the amount of thought that went into this horror / sci-fi story landscape. In a shadowy future, religion has become formal political power and the forces of consecrated evil are the threshold of consuming the world. It would seem that the only thing to stand in the way of the avatars of sin and the dark army is one being, Pogrom. Created by a world that need it’s help, Pogrom is created and fueled out of the suffering and damage done by sin to the world. While dealing with themes of politics, faith, religion and theology… this book is not coming from any one point of view (spiritual or otherwise). Matthew Tomao does an incredible job of outlining and fleshing out this dark tale of hopeful redemption. The story is supported by the artistic style of Josh Medors. Mr. Medors is able to catch all the emotion in his pages, from the deep despair of the present state of the world to raw fierceness of heated fight scene. Issue #1 boasts several DVD-style special features. To any horror / science-fiction or fantasies fans… this is will be the break-away series of 2008 for you!

Grade: A

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Updated: January 15, 2008 — 2:24 pm

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