Hero by Night #1 New On-Going Series!!

D.J. Coffman’s Hero by Night(Platinum Studios / Coffman / Patrick / Embury) Jack is back!! The breakout mini-series of 2007 goes monthly with Hero by Night #1.

The Story picks up two months after Jack saved his lady love, Roz, and the two are engaged. Packing in the hero business, Jack has embraced the life his father has set before him as the landlord of a rundown apartment building in a seedy part of town. It is that seedy element that causes Jack to question his decision of quiting is costumed adventures. An interesting side story has also popped up of the original Hero By Night having nightmares that cause him to wake up screaming that the ring must be destroyed. Coffman, Patrick, and Embury have created a world that is currently small in scale but with the potential to become huge. The artwork fits the genre perfectly and never lets me down. While not a hyper-detailed style, the pencils have a classic feel that is complemented by the inks and colors.

I suggest that fanboys cut the fat they’ve been choking down out of their comic budgets (*cough* Spider-Man *cough-cough* Superman) and add in some nutrition in the form of Hero by Night.

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Updated: January 23, 2008 — 2:43 pm


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