Justice League of America #17

JUSTICE LEAUGE OF AMERICA #17 (DC Burnett / Benes / Hope. Backup Story McDuffie / Meyers) Double trouble for the League! First, in the lead story written by Alan Burnett, a mysterious and familiar team from beyond time has infiltrated the Hall of Justice looking for a weapon. Will Black Lightning be their first victim? And wait ’til you see who they are! Plus, writer Dwayne McDuffie begins a very special back-up story exploring what’s wrong with Vixen’s powers. And when her condition worsens, it leads to a new arc and major change for the Leaguer! Heroes never get a break, just ask Black Lightning. We open the issue with BL looking for a little R&R when a group of super-villains are hijacking a private jet to get out of the country. Are they running from? Well if any of you have been reading, or at least keeping up on, Salvation Run then you know exactly what DC’s villains are running from. Not reading it? Well let’s just say the American government in the DCU has taken a page from John Carpenter’s Escape From New York and expanded it to an intergalactic level. So where does a villain afraid for his life run to? They run to the biggest and best do-gooders they can find, the Justice League. Get ready for some sparks to fly between the JLA and some governmental organizations.

The back up story was a great little piece that explores just what is going on with Vixen. Her powers have been screwy for some time. No longer able to tap into the abilities of the animal kingdom, Vixen now takes advantage of the abilities of those people around her. So having people like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman around are great for her abilities. What really throws things off is when she absorbs the abilities of Hal Jordan’s power ring….huh-wha???? Not only can Vixen absorb biological abilities, but also technological abilities. Now this is handy!

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Updated: January 23, 2008 — 3:24 pm

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